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Sukup transfer, utility, and roof augers are just what you need to complete your bin system.

Transfer Augers

  • Sukup transfer augers easily connect verticals to other bins
  • 8” diameter
  • Basic unit length – 20’; Extensions available
  • Hanger bearings available

Utility Augers

  • 8” or 10” diameters
  • 10’, 15’, or 20’ lengths

Roof-Mounted Augers

  • 8” or 10” diameter
  • 14’, 20’, 24’, or 28’ lengths

Product Accessories

  • Hopper accessories
  • Hangar bearing options
Product Features
  • Easily Connect Verticals to Other Bins
  • What You Need to Complete Bin Systems
Garret Wedekemper, Wedekemper’s Inc.

Carlisle, IL

What first brought us on board with Sukup was the issues we were having with the previous supplier of our dryers. They just weren’t quality. They just didn’t hold up. All of our dryer customers we’re able to service a lot better because of the higher quality products that Sukup’s providing us.
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