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Sukup Channel-Lok™ floor planks feature sturdy J-shaped, interlocking sides. Each plank is made of high-strength, galvanized steel and is cut to length with computerized accuracy. Sukup floors will accommodate most drying or storage needs. They are also ideal for flush floor aeration applications. Sukup Channel-Lok Flooring (Hawk Cut® or Perforated) and supports install easily over concrete tunnels for an efficient, low-cost aeration alternative.

Sukup Hawk Cut® Bin Floors

  • Twice as strong as other standard smooth bin floors
  • Our exclusive process does not remove any steel in forming the large open area in the plank
  • The high arch of the planks helps to increase strength
  • Superior design makes Hawk CutTM planks idea for the demands of high grain depths

Heavy-Duty Perforated Flooring

  • Designed for situations where perforated floors are preferred, but greater grain depths are desired
  • Weight-bearing support every 3 ½”
  • Roll form process creates 7" plank with intermediate channel
  • Available in 0.0945” or 0.05” diameter holes
  • Used with SuperWave™ (US Patent #8,297,016) Supports or Flat Top Super Supports™


  • Extra-strong Hawk Cut flashing gives 10” of coverage from the bin wall
  • Width allows the flashing to fit easily around even small diameter bins
  • 20 gauge – the heaviest flashing on the market
  • Hi-back or low-back
  • Hawk Cut flashing is available pre-punched for Sukup Airway® Tubes
  • 0.05” diameter hole perforated flashing also available.

Z-Post Floor Supports

  • Sukup Z-Post Supports cover a larger area, giving a wider, more solid base
  • Z-Posts are fast and easy to install
  • Notched sides and the self-tightening spring action lock the supports in place and help prevent shifting
  • Available in 13-1/4” and 17” overall heights

Super SupportsTM

  • Welded-rod frame lets air flow freely throughout the bin plenum area
  • Open design provides better heat distribution for more efficient drying
  • Unique angle iron base provides stability
  • Tabs provide support under the crown of the plank
  • Available in 13-1/4" and 17" heights

Flat Top Super SupportsTM

  • Used with Sukup Heavy-Duty Perforated Flooring
  • All of the features of standard Super Supports™ without the tabs

Sukup SuperWave™ Supports

  • Stamped metal supports work well with all Sukup floor planks, but they are particularly well-suited to our Heavy-Duty Perforated Floors
  • Unique wave design provides excellent support and stability at an economical price
  • Tabs provide support under the crown of the floor plank
  • Can be used with the deepest grain depths
  • U.S. Patent #8,297,016

Product Accessories

  • Flashing may be pre-punched for Sukup Airway® Tubes
  • Sukup Bin sidewall sheets may be pre-punched for flashing bolts
  • Bridging supports required when floor support is narrower than width of the unload
Product Features
  • Sukup Channel-Lok™ Floor Planks
  • High-Strength, Galvanized Steel
  • Corrugation Extends Completely Across the Width of Each Plank
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